Together, we build
the success of your projects

The passion to jointly design the future of your IT

  • Prioritize the quality of service and the adequacy of consultant’s profiles and mission
  • Automating software testing processes are also major challenges

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B2Suite, The Tests Automation Made Easy and Efficient

B2Suite reduces the IT projects costs by 80%

Projects resources are optimized

Automation testing is a long term investment, a strong and exciting stake

Our services


We provide the best and most competitive testing software ever

We have some of the best senior experts in trading systems, interbank exchanges, settlement and deliveries / international projects management

Advises to CIOs

Because the IT Strategy contributes to the innovation of the Business Strategy

Projects Direction and Strategic programs

Because this is part of our core business

Tests Optimization – Software of Tests Automation

Because our leitmotif is to be as operational as possible and because we have designed B2Suite for innovative, high-performance tests with the best ROI ever achieved in this field


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